Five Tips for Sound Media Relations

One can argue that there is nothing more impactful to public relations professionals than having sound media relations. If a company’s message was a FedEx box, then a public relations specialist is the pilot that flies the package from China to the U.S. The van that takes that package from the plane and to the… Continue reading Five Tips for Sound Media Relations


Instagram for Business

One day, near the end of my junior year of high school, I remember my eyes drifting away from my very uninteresting computer technology teacher and seeing someone scrolling through photos on her computer. When I first saw her monitor, I thought she was looking at google images, I then realized I knew most of… Continue reading Instagram for Business

Crisis Communication

As a college student, I have my fair share of “crises”; daily mini-anxiety attacks, finishing papers last minute, or handling the everyday crisis that is relationships in college. When other college kids and myself talk about our crises the reality of the situation is, they are nowhere near the definition of a true crisis. The… Continue reading Crisis Communication

Be Civil Be Heard-Acknowlege Others

At a time when respect, care, and civility are greatly needed, the organization of Be Civil, Be Heard made it's appropriately timed debut at my amazing college, Missouri State University. The organization’s goal is to promote civil discussion in turn creating positive and productive results. Be Civil, Be Heard describes the organization on its website… Continue reading Be Civil Be Heard-Acknowlege Others

The Name and the Mission

The Name Despite the title, my name actually isn’t Lisa. My name is Alisa, but Alisa happens to be the second “official” first name I’ve had in my lifetime. Twenty one years ago I made my appearance into this world and Alicia Lee Reynolds was written on my birth certificate. After having me around for… Continue reading The Name and the Mission