Instagram for Business

One day, near the end of my junior year of high school, I remember my eyes drifting away from my very uninteresting computer technology teacher and seeing someone scrolling through photos on her computer. When I first saw her monitor, I thought she was looking at google images, I then realized I knew most of the people in the photos. Of course, I could not ask her what she was doing and reveal that I was spying on her inattentiveness, so I poked a friend sitting next to me to ask if she knew what the site was. She looked at the screen then said “Yeah, its Instagram. Everyone is getting it.”

314746_3870874025085_1200688700_n (2)
Me, the year I found out Instagram existed


Nearly four years later, I do not have one friend without an Instagram account. I am nearly addicted to my Instagram feed myself. Instagram had over 400 million users back in 2015 and that same year it was projected that the average person will spend over 5 years’ worth of time on Instagram during their life span. With numbers like these, there is no question that Instagram is a community to be involved in if you are a growing business.

The high numbers of the Instagram community is the only reason growing businesses should consider making a page for themselves. A recent Forrester research study found that Instagram posts deliver 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook does, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. In addition to its high consumers and impressive engagement rate; Ivan Adriel, former creative director at, gives three more reasons why businesses should be using Instagram.

  1. It is an engaged community

Instagram users are engaged in the photos and videos that appear on their feed. Whether it be to see what their friends have been doing, to keep up with new trends, or to freak out about what those Kardashian girls are up to, users choose accounts to follow because they are genuinely interested in what those accounts have to offer.

  1. It is a visual medium

Why read a story when a picture can say a thousand words? (Ironically said by someone asking you to read this blog.) As much as we all would like to deny it, it is a common theme that people would rather watch a video or look at a photo than read. This makes sense considering 50% of the human brain is committed to visual processing. Our brain operation as well as our personal preference to visuals work in huge favor of Instagram.

  1. It is a beautiful environment

People love beautiful things, and Instagram is oozing with beauty. Users follow fitness accounts to see beautiful bodies. Users follow celebrity accounts to see beautiful faces. Users follow travel accounts to see beautiful landscape. Who would not want to be amongst all of that beauty!? If you can squeeze your content amid all the beauty, the viewer will be in the right mindset to absorb it positively.

Image result for instagram

There are more than enough reasons as to why a business should use Instagram to promote their brand; but that does not mean that they know how to do so successfully. Here is a short video that gives a little insight on how businesses can use Instagram to their benefit.

Instagram Basics for Small Business


Promoting a business is not an easy task but Instagram can be an enormous help. By using this visual, interactive media any business can help gain exposure and consumers.


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